Online Orders Include Free In-Home Delivery. Online Orders Include Free In-Home Delivery

At Lexington Furniture, our design process incorporates steps that engineer safety into all of our home furnishings products. We care about the well-being of everyone who interacts with our furniture in their home, and especially mindful of children’s safety in their home environment.

ASTM, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an organization founded in 1898 that develops voluntary standards for a broad spectrum of industries. A member of Lexington Furniture’s management team is an active member of the ASTM Subcommittee on Furniture Safety, which enables us to stay abreast of the current standards, and proactively address opportunities to enhance safety in our product assortment.

The ASTM F2057 standard covers clothing storage units and is intended to reduce injuries and deaths associated with tipover issues.  The standard was introduced in 2000 and has been updated on several occasions since that time. All applicable items in our product assortment have been reviewed and engineered to pass the test requirements of the current version, ASTM F2057-19.  In addition, we conduct our own testing on an ongoing basis to validate the stability of each product design.

The ASTM F3096 standard addresses the use of tip restraints. With each applicable product, we include a tip restraint with specific instructions for installation. We have researched and specified a compliant tip restraint that we feel is the best currently available for this purpose, with the strength and durability to be used repeatedly in the event furniture is moved from its original location.

It is important that customers familiarize themselves with the following recommendations:

  • Furniture with tip restraints must be secured to the wall according to instructions
  • Always place heavy objects in the lowest drawers
  • Never put a TV or heavy object on top of furniture not intended for use with a TV
  • Never let children climb or hang on drawers, doors or shelves.

At Lexington Furniture, we are committed to ensuring that the products we sell are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Just like our customers, we want to confidently enjoy these furniture designs in our own homes, with our own families.

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