Online Orders Include Free In-Home Delivery. Online Orders Include Free In-Home Delivery
Featured Upholstery

Welcome to a special collection of upholstery – carefully curated by the award-winning design team at Lexington Home Brands.  These pieces offer diverse styling, remarkable comfort, and the latest looks in home textiles. If you’re looking for an easy way to freshen your interior décor, these special designs will ensure a great result.

When shopping the assortment below, note that there are multiple fabric correlations for each frame.  Select a thumbnail image and the larger view will be displayed along with the price.  For more information, or to add to your cart, hover over the larger image and click “View Details.”  We are updating the curated assortment regularly to keep things fresh and fashionable.  Enjoy!

Grady Sofa Grady Sofa Grady Sofa
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Grady Sofa


5120-33-73 5120-33-74
Blaire Sofa Blaire Sofa Blaire Sofa
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Blaire Sofa


5100-33-72 5100-33-73
Heydon Chair Heydon Chair Heydon Chair
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Heydon Chair


1576-11-72 1576-11-73
Apollo Chair Apollo Chair Apollo Chair Apollo Chair Apollo Chair
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Apollo Chair


1560-11-71 1560-11-72 1560-11-73 1560-11-74
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